Dental Services
Entire Family Dental Care We offer Sedation
Restorative Dentistry
- All-porcelain crowns
- Dental implant restorations
- Tooth bridges
- Root canals
- Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns
- Composite (tooth-colored) fillings
- Amalgam fillings
- Implant bridges
- Extractions

Dental Appliances
- Valplast® flexible partial dentures
- Dentures that "lock in" to implants
- Sleep apnea appliances and snore guards
- Immediate dentures following extractions
- Night guards and sports mouth guards
Cosmetic Dentistry
- Porcelain and composite veneers
- Invisalign® orthodontics (clear braces)
- In-office bleaching
- Laser gum lifting procedures

Gingival (gum) Treatments
- Sensitive teeth treatments
- Arestin® Treatment
- Laser gum treatments
- Scaling and root planing